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At Soul Harmony we understand the current confusion around the NDIS and the stress related to finding information on preparing to apply, the planning process and implementing and sourcing services once your plan has been approved. Staff at Soul Harmony have been involved with NDIS since it's roll out in July 2016, with backgrounds as Local Area Coordinators (LAC), business administrators and various other professional services to participants, all of which provide for a strong knowledge base that can assist you in obtaining the best outcome for your plan. 

Soul Harmony Sydney is a registered NDIS service provider and can assist you with;​


Advising you with the steps that are required in requesting, completing and submitting your application.


Assisting you in preparing for your planning meeting, attending the planning meeting with you and assisting you with the review process if required.


Once your plan is approved, we can manage your plan for you by initiating the support services, organising service agreements, liaison with service providers, paying invoices and providing reports on the expenditure of funds when requested. The main benefit of using a plan manager is that you are not required to use registered service providers, this is helpful if, for example, you would like to attend a camp which is organised by a service provider which is not registered with NDIS or you have been receiving support services from an organisation which is not registered with NDIS, and most importantly, this service comes at no cost to you ! The funding for plan management is provided by NDIS and is added to your approved plan - it is not taken from your support funding.  

Useful Documents

Am I eligible for NDIS ?

NDIS Information Pack

Participant Portal User Guide

Still confused ? We are more than happy to answer your questions, and if we don't have the answer - we will find it for you ! ​

Contact us on 0415 111 600 or

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